SLSQ's Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service is manned by both paid and volunteer crew.

This structure ensures a rich blend of experience across the service, while also providing a clear pathway for volunteer surf lifesavers to upskill and transfer their patrol experience from the beach to the sky. Helicopter crew are highly-trained, qualified and motivated members of the surf lifesaving movement.

Helicopter crew can be both part-time or full-time, depending on the requirements of the service and the individual.

They actively and regularly participate in helicopter patrols along South East Queensland's coastline, monitoring for swimmers in distress and/or other incidents unfolding on the beach. All crew are proficient in winch and other rescue operations which ensures they play a key role in helicopter rescues, entering the water to directly assist swimmers in need.

Excluding pilots, all members of the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter Rescue Service are qualified surf lifesavers with extensive experience in aquatic rescue and aerial surveillance.

As part of the role, all crew are required to undertake regular fitness tests and ongoing training.

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Chief Pilot


With three decades of experience in the aviation industry, Paul Gibson served as a pilot for the WLRHS for two years before taking over the reins as Chief Pilot in 2015. As chief pilot he is responsible for the safe and effective operations of helicopter services. “The Westpac Helicopter is a regular and iconic sightRead More

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Deputy Pilot


David O’Brien has a long and extensive history in the aviation industry, and is proud to serve in the role of Deputy Pilot. He is responsible for assisting the Chief Pilot to maintain compliance with the conditions of the Air Operators Certificate, and is ready to take the Chief Pilot role if required. “The helicopter service isRead More

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Rescue Crew

Rescue Crew

As a Rescue Crew Officer you are a part of a team of people who provide aerial support services which integrate with and support other SLSQ services such that SLSQ can serve the community through the pro-active provision of quality life saving services. Our rescue crew act in the capacity of a rescue crew orRead More

Andrew McNeilly

Chief Training Officer

Air Crew

The Chief Training Officer position within the WLRHS involves checking, training and re-certification of crew in all disciplines, and performing duties as a senior aircrewman on search and rescue taskings. As a senior aircrewman and the chief training officer at the WLRHS, Andrew McNeilly has had a long and extensive history in both aviation andRead More

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Administration Assistant


The Administration Assistant for the WLRHS covers three bases, four aircraft, and 35 staff and volunteers, taking on many responsibilities to keep our iconic helicopters flying. This role is a very much a ‘jack of all trades’ role. As  the only administration support for both the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast crews, the role takesRead More

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