The EC135

Lifesaver 45

The EC135 – ‘Lifesaver 45’ – was gifted to SLSQ by the State Government in 2010 and is based at Carrara to service the Gold Coast region. This helicopter offers greater operational capabilities particularly in assisting other service providers in search and rescue operations.

Range: 635km
Top speed: 259km/h
Rotor diameter: 10.2m (33ft 6in)
Length: 12.16m
Cruise speed: 254km/h
Introduced to fleet: 2010
EC 135 model first flight: February 15, 1994
Manufacturer: Airbus

The bo 105

Lifesaver 46

The BO 105 – ‘Lifesaver 46’ – is based at Caloundra and services the Sunshine Coast, thanks to additional funding from Westpac to operate both aircraft.

Range: 575km
Top speed: 242km/h
Rotor diameter: 9.84m (32ft 3 1/2 in)
Length: 11.86m
Introduced to fleet: 2012
BO 105 model first flight: February 16, 1967
Manufacturer: Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm